Friday, 30 October 2009

Everyday Elvis

Falling asleep last night I heard on the radio that Elvis had slipped to 4th on the Forbes ‘dead rich’ list – behind Yves Saint-Laurent at number 1, and new entry Michael Jackson at 3. Elvis is everyday – falling into your consciousness while you fall asleep, slipping into your unconsciousness when you walk down the street. Elvis is everything to everybody, manufactured and malleable – an enthusiasm or a passion, or just passing. Real and imagined. I am Elvis. You are Elvis. We are all Elvis now. This blog is an exploration of Elvis in the everyday – encounters with him, whoever he is, wherever they happen: with impersonators, Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs), Elvis music in public places, Elvis conversations in private places, Elvis in the news, Elvis on the walls.... Sometimes I’ll look for them, but mostly I’ll let them happen. I’m situated and I’m skint so it won’t be universal – it’s Elvis in my everyday. But feel free to contribute – let me know where you see him, where I can see him. Come with me.

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