Tuesday, 15 December 2009

If I Get Home(ware) On Christmas Day

Vegetable Elvis: last-minute Christmas gifts for the discerning Elvis fan

Emma was looking for a last minute Christmas present for her brother and came across this fruity piece of Elvisiana. Those fancy folk at Joseph Joseph have Warholed a vegetable King for the cookin' and choppin' Elvis fan. Gettin' back to roots.

And for the lonely Elvis fan whose feet get cold in their draughty attic room (yes, that's me), what could be more warming this Christmas than a Love Me Tender hot-water bottle?

Thanks: Emma
Pictures: amazon.co.uk - click on links

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emma said...

I don't think last Saturday counts as 'last minute'. Anyway, they're getting a ukulele (in black, 'cos Sophie's a bit of a goth).