Sunday, 31 January 2010

Suspicious Minds: David vs. David

Battle of the Elvisy poster-boys

Election time is approaching and airbrushed true blue Dave Cameron is starting to adorn billboards across the nation. You can tell he’s bad news from the fact that, given some sideburns and a quiff, he’s a bit more Gary Glitter than Elvis. The so nicely augmented billboard in question is in Hereford.  
And is it just me or is David Beckham just a little Elvisy in his Sport Relief beneficence? Let him adorn your chest by ordering here:, or visit your local Sainsbury's or TK Maxx.
Made me wonder if Becks has consciously been Elvisy. I couldn’t find any evidence, but some folk out west have photoshopped him up nice and rock-n-rolly. No Gary Glitter there. Big Dave C's team could learn something.

Thanks: Gavin Moss

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