Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Welcome To My World 4: Farhad Darya in Helmund

Home Is Where The Heart Is: peace and love and the Afghan Elvis
John Simpson seems to think that he was the one that liberated Kabul, but Farhad Darya might also stake the claim. It was his song, Kabul Jaan, that was played over Radio Afghanistan announcing the fall of the Taliban and the liberation of the city. He became a peace and goodwill ambassador, representing Afghanistan at home and abroard. Farhad Darya has been living in the USA since 1995, having left Afghanistan as an exile in 1990.

Why he has been dubbed the Afghan Elvis, I'm not entirely sure. Patriotism and global reknown I suppose. I'm not really sure it's that apt - I think he might just be Farhad Darya - an exiled Middle Eastern superstar who has infused his enthusiasm for his homeland into his very successful music. Music which finds a home among the millions of exiled Middle Easterners across the world. Farhad wears his beliefs on his record sleeves, and has contributed to the recent album of music by musicians who have been persecuted or exiled from their homelands, Listen to the Banned. He has recently started a tour of Afghanistan, despite the dangers that accompany such a venture: Farhad's concert in Herat on the 30th September was bombed, wounding many, and the Taliban has started a recent campaign of attacks on music shops. But on Friday 19th, Farhad Darya performed at the Karzai Stadium in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, in front of 5000 fans; one of the biggest events to take place in Afghanistan.

Tickets were distributed free. Karzai himself, who had intended to go, instead opted for Nato in Lisbon. British forces have claimed the success of the concert as testiment to the success of their presence - very few British troops were present, while the British trained Afghan National Police took control.

The chief of police claimed Farhad's presence as a sign of the safety of the city. But surely, it's testament to an indefatigable patriot who thinks globally and acts Elvisly.

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