Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Just for Old(ham) Time Sake

Grumpy old Elvis fails to win Oldham & Saddleworth by-election
The Bus Pass Elvis Party (also known as the Militant Elvis Anti-Tesco Popular Front, Elvis Defence League, Elvis Turns Green Party, Grumpy Old Elvis Party, Elvis & The Yeti Himalayan Preservation Party) failed to really make an impact on the Oldham & Saddleworth by-election, winning only 67 votes, despite a set of manifesto pledges that would turn a lib-dem green with envy then red with rage (before he changed his mind).
David Bishop, aka. Lord Biro, of Nottingham did have stiff competition however - never mind quite a strong Labour candidate, Loz Kaye, from Manchester, standing for the Pirate Party Of The United Kingdom, and a candidate named The Flying Brick, from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, for The Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Bishop is a retired painter decorator, now a poet and artist.

The Bus Pass Elvis Party also failed to win Kettering in the general election, stood at Tatton, and is generally an example to us all. Hopefully it is making some headway in this fabulous campaign:
Thanks: Emma Dwyer
Pics: http://lordbiro.wordpress.com/about/
Hear: Elvis singing Just For Old Time's Sake

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