Monday, 26 March 2012

Graceland, Sevenoaks, sic transit gloria mundi

Working on the Building: 

Guest post by James Dixon, contemporary archaeologist

There used to be a little place on the Old Kent Road called Graceland Palace. It was an Elvis Presley themed Chinese restaurant run by Paul Elvis Chan. A few years ago Graceland Palace closed down and the Elvis murals all over its walls were painted over. Rumour is that Paul Elvis Chan became ill and returned to China to be treated by a particular Chinese doctor. The King was dead. Yesterday I walked past Survey House on Brockley Rise. It was being stripped out by a building firm using a second-hand Ford Transit van bearing the logo and contact details of its previous owner, one Paul Elvis Chan of Graceland Palace Chinese Restaurant (although an attempt had been made to remove this evidence).

So, the King is alive and stripping out buildings in south-east London. Today, I also hear unconfirmed rumours that he has been seen at the Memphis Inn in Bexleyheath.

Thanks: James Dixon
Pic: James Dixon

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maisyelliott said...

He's alive and well! I had dinner with him the other evening.