Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Working on the Building

Earlier this month a friend of mine glanced out of her window onto her Oxford street only to be met by the site of Elvis cleaning windows while being papped. She sent me the evidence.
Papping pap papped
Well I puzzled over this, but not for long! The following Wednesday, the Oxford Times reported on Tim Crysell, by day a window cleaner with local firm DF Williams, and by night an Elvis impersonator.
When I'm cleaning winders, oh, hold on, wrong song
Tim took up the Elvis trade after being complemented on his karaoke Viva Las Vegas in Southsea. He's invested in a £3000 jumpsuit (my guess is from IC Creations) and nets £225 a night as the king. Catch him on October 20th at the Bystander at Wootton.

Pics: Wendy and Oxford Times
Thanks: Wendy
Working on the Building
When I'm Cleaning Windows

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