Thursday, 11 October 2012

Who Are You? (Who Am I?)

814 Elvii can't be wrong

When it just so happens that the Bridgend Love2Walk group's annual festival coincides with the Porthcawl Elvis festival, well, you might as well see if you can break the world record for the most Elvis impersonators gathered in one place. So that's what they did. 
1, 2, 3, dang I don't have 814 fingers
The 814 Elvii (to qualify, the rules state, you need at the minimum an Elvis hair-piece, supplied by the organisers) sang a rousing Hound Dog, essential for the record to count, and then processed from Trecco Bay into Porthcawl town. They beat the existing record of 645 set in Las Vegas in 2010 and coordinated by Nike Western Europe with employees flying for the occasion from across the US. A Little Less Conversation was the song of course.

The bar's set high now; before Nike raised the stakes, the record was Way Down at 147, set at Australia's Elvis festival. The landlady of the Ship Inn, Parr, Cornwall. She's hoped for 148, but only 29 braved the rain. Fortunately, sun shone on Trecco Bay and fairweather Elvii came from far and wide. 

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