Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dead Elvis Style

When the saints go marching...

Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, as I've mentioned before, has found a place for Elvis in its pantheon of those to be remembered, and its imagery has infused the design cloud that envelopes the Dead Elvis phenomenon. For the Day of the Dead special at Casa Morito, Brixton Market's atmospheric Mexican cantina, I accessorized with Mixco's (the now dissolved design double act Alex Garnett and Nahoko Koyamo) ceramic pendant, a familiarly quiffed skull with the legend Elvis is Dead printed on the base.
Elvis is Dead, proof
Etsy has a number of Elvis skull cameos in various garish colours. The mold is available on ebay for those who want to dictate their own colour-scheme.
Elvis is Undead
Beyond the quiff is designer Elvis Jesus' Día de los Muertos t-shirts from this year's Spring collection, now pretty hard to come by. Elvis Jesus chose the two most recognizable names with images, guaranteeing brand recognition. His stock t-shirts take a famous pop image and substitute an Elvisy Jesus or slip both Elvis and Jesus into the mise-en-scene. 
Elvis is Dead Famous
It's almost as if Dead Elvis has a little more hipster kudos than living Elvis. Hardly surprising I guess; the protected, projected altered image is what you want it to be, but remains familiar; close but not too close.  

When The Saints Go Marching In

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